Monday, June 16, 2008

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non-fiction monday morning. (the tracks left on the internet.) ...a pop smear.
hulk is getting mixed reviews but does not get released in germany until July 10! dilemma: do I torrent a crap copy and then pretend to myself that when I actually DO see it in the theatre that I am seeing if for the very first time? I did that with Iron Man AND Spider-man 3... no, don't torrent the INcredible Hulk, just wait for it to arrive at the Sony center in dull booming surround-sound glory. (I have the luxury of actually worrying / typing / posting about these things, that is how absolutely spoiled we are in the West... can you believe it?)
Oh. Oh, yeayeayea oh, fukit apetite whetter---- (sp sp sp???) PEEP SHOW SEASON 5 is loose on youtube. Johannes and I agreed to pace ourselves, even though we watched a full 2 episodes yesterday afternoon. (are we them?)

dumb ho:

"do they even sell hardcore dictionaries anymore, or …"
(thinkingthencommenting: "sweet sweet jesus…
oh, but wait- she DOES have a point "do they even sell hardcore dictionaries anymore?" -right, those "hardcore dictionaries" are really hard to come by. The ones that are just hardcore, really really hardcore."
then thinking: "what about the softcore dictionaries... they must be easier to get ahold of..."
thanks helen and Language Log

uhm. just ...stuff. continue.

Post Titled: monkey see, monkey do and upload to
Post Subtitled: ______ schädigt die adult filmindustrie
interesting article.
“very cool brand, perhaps the Virgin of adult entertainment.”

to do:
become myspace friends with the Cave Singers. ok. ok.. MUSIC junkie.,...
hooked on listening to otis redding, stuuupid kylie minogueremixes even! igit! easy listening, ok. gut. like it), hot chip, sam cooke, the Gossip,

the blood brothers and other related seattle hipster music which I have been wallowing in lately (homesick much?) uhm... Set Fire To The Face On Fire

pssssst, note to self: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy original radio show
... just isn't romantic mood music. doesn't work. just not, no no no.

check the Bad Pitch Blog. heh. heheh. -...heh.

Vanity Fair presents Angelina Jolie. hips. lips. ja-

facebooked from "ms. mango":

Evaporation - Simon Chang - Part I

why are they putting matches on at the same time?!?!?!

cartoons in andrew sullivan's blog at the atlantic monthly

more... non-fiction: snippets of todays online correspondences:
DLR says: i'll put up with just Gene Simmons in my head
me says: sad sad wold of pain
me says: world
me says: so, the guy from the original Hulk tv series does the voice for the Hulk monster in the new movie
me says: pulptastic. Lou Ferrigno?
DLR says: gotten mixed reviews
me says: ja
me says: ja
DLR says: mostly along the lines of "another Okay Hulk movie"...
me says: but... but "Hulk smash!!!"
DLR says: Hulk's Mash?
DLR says: markteing opportunity
me says: applesauce
me says: green applesauce
apropos of nothing: I hate money
DLR says: let's abandon it. It's what gene Roddenberry would've wanted
me says: and convert to... Federation Credits?
DLR says: possibly. i thought they didn't get paid. which just wouldn't work
DLR says: gotta get paid
me says: gots t get real paid
me says: wait-!?! they Arent't paid???
me says: who bought Jean-Luc Picard's vineyard for him? the intergalactic tooth-faiery??
DLR says: I think it was Professor X.
me says: they must be homies
me says: true
DLR says: and why does he sound so English, and yet he's called Jean-Luc Picard
DLR says: John Luke Pickard?
me says: he... well... the communicators... make every language sound like american english... ermh... his French must be able to slip the English accent through somehow...
me says: glitch?
DLR says: i always feel sorry for the dude who was told "no, we want a REAL language. Klingons are real, god damn it"
me says: hell yea they are
me says: I seen 'um,
DLR says: I's seen um on the teevee
me says: I seen 'em in the movie theater
me says: sweet jesus

"all is well
quite well.
football, baby.
every time Turkey wins
my neighborhood explodes- literally
for half the night, it is beautiful"

wish I had a camera big enough to capture it...
Nathan never came by to pick up the $, did he?
me: no
good thing, too, because we went to vegas with that shit
well, "vegas" the super-spielothek around the corner."
"KEYWORDS: "author who has
written a book with paradigms challenging the big bang theory." and "He is an
athlete who does motocross, scuba diving and tennis. I am pitching
with great action shots. ""
"Much to our regret we have to inform you that due to the planned strike of a few hundred trucks on the 18th of June, the ________ debate in _______ which you registered for, which was scheduled for this Wednesday, has to be postponed."
DLR: not sure why, but this is amusing
DLR says: that the mccains have 100.000$ in credit card debt should be scary, right?
me says: I heard those trucks are blocking borders to protest fuel prices
me says: if I were protesting fuel prices... I might try not to use fuel... because it hurts so darn much... but driving ever-so-slowly at borders... is a waste of fuel... €€€
me says: whatever
me says: stupid truckers
DLR: tru dat
DLR: wait til they make prius trucks
me says: wait... wait 'til they make FLYING prius trucks!
DLR: Yeah cause most of those sports bars are doing a free round if Germany wins
I hope this is true
me says: nothing is free in Germany
me says: they are clearly LYING
me says: OR they have little faith in their team


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