Friday, April 14, 2006

Overcast Friday morning massages out the mundane details of life: I can't figure out for the life of me why this apartment on the edge of a cliff is so darn cold... and can't seem to start a fire in the firelace to save my life. I've burnt 2 newspapares this mornging already but these logs (unlike the Javalog or the Duraflame) are not doused in lighter-fluid... it makes for a difficult ignition... hours of balling-up paper and junkmail, lighting, repeat, light, repeat- by the end of this cycle you smell like a campfire and are still cold, but more frustrated... the outside of the log gets black but the wood never seems to really get going long-term... I was a Boy Scout for 10 years, but have very little experience with fireplaces... somehow on my days off I get trapped- or, well- overwhelmed by the sheer potential of a day without work so I just end up running around in circles and not doing anything really,... I should teach myself how to type without looking at the keys. That's for sure. Oh, crap- I need to do my taxes... but it seems so boring. Heh. , numbers, all- terribly dull and nearly impossible for a lethargic Friday (even though they're due tomorrow... ) irk!
I am excited to see "The Pillowman" tonight, - if I did anything right today it was to remember to buy tickets to that- I suppose... supposed to go volunterr at the Seattle INternational Film Fest to help promote... hmm, need to drink much more tea before that happens... I bought soemorganic "Gunpowder Green" tea this morning from Madison Market... it is just nice to drink something called "Gunpowder Green" if nothing else... I think I'm falling asleep next to this dwindling newspaper fire...
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I should be making mechanical muppets right now. Or trying to figure out how to prevent the $35 overdraft fee from hitting my checking account first thing in the morning... but for the moment I could really care less. I can't say why exactly... Ok, so I did (for the very first time) call Bank of America's cutomer Service and after asking nicely and explaining the siuation for several minutes I gave them an earful for another few minutes. They reccommended I get a "register" and keep track of my checks. I told them they fuck artists up the ass, and although artists don't have money, they know most everyone in town who does... she re-suggested the register "they're free in every banking center"... I apologized to her and said it wasn't personal and that she was obviously very good at her job because she was able to remain calm while I ranted and raved and threatened to leave the bank. She mentioned someting about me being a "valued customer and thank you for your business"This made my head explode: "I'm NOT A VALUED EFFING CUSTOMER! You wouldn't repeatedly fuck a valued customer up the ass, now WOULD YOU? I mean, I know you're just using the rhetoric and pretty words you've been trained to use..."
The reason why I am about to get yet another group of overdraft fees in long and complicated. It has to do with A: me being awful with money, B: me forgetting about several checks I wrote to cover bills from last month, C: me being really bad with money, D: me getting paid late at work for all of 2004 and 2005 which ruined me finanically... ok, so ultimately I have a few strukes against me- some self-inflicted but the Bank of America's policy (policies)is NO friggin reversal of overdraft charges. So... now my credit card payment will be late. I'll be more screwed... and my pleas, demands, complaints with the Bank of America simply fell on deaf ears... so I may yet fo through with the illustrated smear campaign "Bank of America Butt-F**ks Puppies" Because I just don't know what else to do... the bastards will get away with screwing people over - ok, wait I forgot the root of this whole problem: rewind to last Summer when I was depositing my paycheck at the bank and they asked me if I wanted to see if I was elligible for overdraft protection "Ok" so they took my info down- that is, how much I paid in rent and how much I made per year. ELLIGIBLE doesn't mean that they send you a credit card in the mail- which was then completely maxxed-out when my paycheck from work bounced.... but I never activated the card... I think that's illegal, right? Ok, I am honestly bored of writing about this... but remember: BANK OF AMRICA BUTT-FUCKS PUPPIES (and people... and artists)... pass the word.
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