Monday, October 04, 2010


After 5 years of loyal service, my 30BG iPod died very suddenly, bless it.

a dramatic finale the last song it ever played was the Dirty Projectors' "Spray paint (the walls)" (a favourite)

Later the same day an internal email went aroud work:

"awesome 80's overhead projector in House!!!!
It is completely, totally, and awesomely 80’s, in a rich greenish/brownish color, fully working lamp, and even a stand in great 80’s shape.
Should you
like this dinosaur…I mean…lovely diamond in the rough, please take a look at it outside Room X. It will be the item with the heavenly light shining on it to accentuate it’s sheer beauty~
Have a great weekend!"

-Which I did.
Because I have been looking for an old
dirty projector, and the coincidence was... well, odd.
As someone who tends to draw small, detailed little images having an overhead projector is invaluable it I want to blow up my images. In the OK Hotel Studio I had one adn used it constantly, so this is a godsend. As they say: One man's trash...
I just thought: Thanks Great Spirit because I am reading BLACK ELK SPEAKS


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