Wednesday, February 08, 2012

study for
prophet machine # 4 performed feb. 7, 2012 at eschschloraque
coreographed by patrick faurot

"Faurot's work shifts between theater and dance, the abstract and the mundane,
the esoteric realms of the sacred and the hard rationalism of mathematics. It
searches for contemporary performative method of narrative and expressio in
order to build new resonant meanings, necessitated by the dearth created in the
contemporary scene by the philosophical and aesthetic deconstruction following
post-modernism and the usurpation of art for mass consumer culture. In this way,
the contemporary aim of Faurot's work is primary -- that from the ruins of dance and
theater, new work can be conceived and performed that utilizes traditional theories
and techniques but adapts them to have significance today. His artistic investigation
is influenced by his experiences as a mathematician and musician, his travels through
South America and Eastern Europe, the avant garde of Berlin's underground, and the
many painters, sculptors, dancers, and madmen he has encountered throughout the
world ."

there will probably be much better photos here at eriko khalesi's blog

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