Sunday, November 18, 2012

Official video for "Summer Music" by Advance Base

How great is this?!?
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neon vintage

my High School buddy Janna Coker makes some pretty mean artwork, checkit HERE
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Backyard Berlin

Y'know, like, 6 months after the fact when you accidentally find pictures of yourself on the internet. Glad we were all having a good time. 
austra afterparty at  void party backyard berlin with grimes may 26 2012 ?
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

AUTHOR's NOTE: Gotta say I am a bit shocked...

I am online at work but I am pretty much doing work-stuff and I never have time to just sit and surf the internet - there are always 15 tasks grumbling on the back burner so I never just good off online like I used to... so I must say, I am kind of shocked to watch movie trailers, listen to new music and just read about things... just for fun.

I also genuinely feel like I am out of the loop... or just out of the American loop?

Maybe I will leave it all after today, maybe one day was enough...

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Mysterious Skin

I hadn't seen the film Mysterious Skin since it came out in 2004...  so when I picked it up at the library I was pretty skeptical about whether or not it would hold up and still be as amazing as I'd remembered it being...
IT IS. The film is just gorgeous... do watch or watch again.
directed by Greg Araki starring Joseph Gordon-Leavitt.
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Mr. Belvedere revisited... and all the time a man can possibly spend/ waste online

SO we haven't had the internet at home for over THREE YEARS now... and then my GF's mom gave us a USB surf stick - which is actually pretty fast - and suddenly I *ZAP* lost a day of my catching up with the online world...
FOR EXAMPLE - one little chunck of time was gobbled up (and continues to be gnawed on) when someone - *ahem*- posted the Small Wonder themesong on facebook - which I guiltily watched and listened to - and which lead me to the Mr. Belvedere themesong which was just weird ... because- first off - as it turns out the song is by Leon Redbone (a guy we listened to in college a lot) and secondly because I discovered that Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas is a member of the cast... so bizarre. Right? Anyhow, back to regularly-scheduled programming... and Slacker on Network Awesome and the new NAS album and codecademy.
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star wars episode vii 7

Star Wars Episode VII? Whatever, I read that when I was 11. 

Star Wars Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn 1992 ?
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Friday, November 09, 2012

The Russian Winter with John Forté concert in Berlin Feat. Alina Orlova and Firehorse

Russian Winter is an incredible documentary film about John Forté by director Peter Ringbom
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election parties in berlin 2012

I have come across three options for election parties in Berlin thus far:

Geist im Glas - Lenaustraße 27, (exberliner?) on sanderstraße (I think?)

Atlas Pancakes: Forster str. 5
"What better way to watch the U.S. election results than in the company of Berlin's expatriate comedian underclass? Join Josh Telson and James Harris (who know loads about American politics) and Paul Salamone (who doesn't give a shit) to watch and discuss the results live.

There'll be stand-up from Americans resident in Berlin and election commentaries from special guests. The show should run until the results start getting serious, after which we'll kick back with a couple of beers and watch the states fall.
Entrance is free but you have to buy James a drink if Mitt Romney wins.
We'll keep watching until there's a winner. Please Florida...
Oh: And pancakes will be served."

the democrats abroad (NPR?)
Event at Babylon kino in Mitte
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