Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mad libs app, yo!


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7:19 am, S1 just outside the ring

Trying to stay in my own little world of books and music the woman sitting opposite drags me out worldlessly howling with her obsessive fidgeting.

The fact that the fake beaver collar of her swiss army jacket won't stand up straight has prompted a skin-toned boil of frustration to bubble up over her right eyebrow where it will live forever as a badge of - or monument to futility, alive - a janky, deaf-mute third eye of the Western world.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Whatever. Is there some sort of game we could play by describing people on the U-Bahn to sharpen these neural pathways?"

Because I am on the pretty early train...
the one full of doomed-for-life Handwerker
Waiting only for the sweet release from their drudgery
Found in booze and the thought of potentially
swimming drunk and naked with other men's overbaked wives
during that upcoming summer camping vacation...
interspersed amongst their other disgruntled seat-fillers:
a clone army of fleshy Frauen who have
made frumpiness a religion for which they embark on a daily pilgrimage.
Hin... und zurück.
Independently travelling kids play, joke and tease each other as
solumn teenage girls are either are glued to their handheld devices
or greeting each other as if they are headed to a funeral, kissing each other on
both cheeks- sometimes thrice-
in a train which operates on the same dull throb of the festering pathways of
Oscar the grouch's Monday morning brain. Every. single. day.

No fucking wonder Patti Smith's Just Kids seems like some holy relic...
If I am too tired to read I listen to Wait Wait, Don't tell me and laugh out loud
Only to receive death-ray stares from my fellow drones
Because anyone having any fun
Disturbs the silence of their brooding, abominable, precious rühe.


(Note on the (con)text:
The subject was a suggestion/request from a dear friend, to which I began a simple response... Which took a turn for the strange... And resulted in the above rant.)


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to quit drinking or how to quit smoking or how to lose weight usingthe Nyan Cat method (aka the iPhone stopwatch method;) - GOOD LUCK!

How to quit smoking or stop drinking or maybe even lose weight using the Nyan Cat method:
1.if you have a smart phone (iPhone) then open the clock app and start the stopwatch then exit the app.
2.routinely check he stopwatch and see how satisfying it is to see how long it has been since you drank or smoked or ate a piece of cheesecake.
3. If you break down and smoke or drink or eat a bacon cheeseburger then you have to reset your stopwatch back to zero YOU FRAKING LOSER!

So, yea, this method I invented to help keep myself away from vodka basically works on the same principle as the Nyan Cat website:

(If you copy this please give me credit and praise ;) oh, and for those of us who can't read here is the video:
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

100 Grad Festival "I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all."

Pasullero - 100 Grad Festival Trailer from Pasullero on Vimeo.
Meanwhile, in Berlin...

"I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all."
A new work by Patrick Faurot
100 Grad Festival 2013
Sophiensaele Festsaal
February 24th, 18:00
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how to remove write protection from a SD card

the little LOCK switch broke off my sd card adapter and no matter which other adapter I put it in the LOCK seemed to still be on it so it was (seemingly) somehow permanently write protected - I spent HOURS searching the internet and trying out other suggested solutions until I came across this kid and this is the one that worked - scotch tape!!!:
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kids books about having Herpies

Yep. we are Writing and illustrating one.
More to come...
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Auf der Drift

each home
A fortress

Berlin streets & neighborhoods


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Why the iPad allowed me to get beyond any reservations about digital art and actually learn to <3 it:

Because you can draw on it.
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Asocial media

One of the worst aspects of your friends and family having smartphones is that you KnOW they receive these messages instantly yet somehow so many of them may takes days or weeks to respond- if ever - in which case it makes it seem that they are CHOOSING to ignore you, right?
How and why is that ok?...

My mother and I went on a 45 minute tirade about how modern technologies have just turned everyone into zombies- and on of the worst examples is the conversations she has with the young mothers of her students who have 2-3 elementary-aged children or younger BUT who's husbands are seriously addicted gamers who have no time for their families...
In many ways Blur was right when they said 'modern life is rubbish'...
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