Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miss you, bro.

email sent an old friend:

"awh, someone left a Staropramen in my fridge and I got all nostalgic for the days when you'd come up here for the weekend..."


"Hedgehogs in the back
Party in the front
Berlin all night
Kase fruhstuck all day
Stuck in Austin
Not as awesome
As they all say
I'll be back again one day

Doktor Logarhythm"

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"He's biting my nuts!"

Welly welly welly welly well well, so The NBC app for iPad means you can watch NBC content - even outside the United States - which means I watched Jimmy Fallon for the first time yesterday- here is a snapshot of ?uestlove's reaction so some reality housewives show where one of two men locked in a fight shouts "He's biting my nuts!"

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Monday, July 01, 2013

trap music tag list

For fun in the mornings i have been listening to trap music radio - kids' stuff, really, but
 the interesting thing is the tag list / are te tags for a trap songs
- half of which which would've
sounded like pure
gibberish just a few years ago:

festival trap; trap; trap music; trapcore;
hip-hop; beats; 808; drum; dubstep; drumstep;
dub; step; electro; electronic;
bass; bassmusic; edm; dance; hip hop; hiphop;
techno; crunk; crunk-step

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