Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Interview with author Ebor Sisk from Подземни Друштво about life, writing, his platypus Down book, etc.

Found this humorous little interview with author Ebor Sisk in a PAPER copy of a magazine called Подземни Друштво (Underground Society?) while I was in Serbia last Summer- it is brief so I thought it wouldn't hurt to type it up just for posterity's sake. UNDERGROUND SOCIETY: reclusive author Ebor Sisk stopped writing just long enough to chat with us about his work, his lack of career, and his never-ending quest to tell a very big story. US: Ebor. How many books have you written. EBOR SISK: Not a dozen. More like eight. Ok, fine: seven. US: You are ethnically Serbian-Slovenian? ES: That is true. US: How many of your books are published outside your native languages? ES: Not many. None, actually - as a matter of fact. None. Yet. But we are talking... people are. THe business people, you know? The movers and shakers. US: You are infamously reclusive. ES: Writing takes a lot of time and energy. I don't have much for much else. Sorry, c'est la vie. You know? If your passion demands it - you DO it. That's just the way it is. US: Isn't it odd to be so well-known in your respective home countries but completely unknown outside Eastern Europe? ES: No. Yes, I guess. But I don't care. US: We also hear that you don't care to do interviews. ES: That is true. US: Any reason in-particular. ES: Well, it takes away from writing time and I just don't think I have that many interesting things to say as answers to my interviewers' questions... but my publicist says I should be on the internet so I am doing this. US: Well, thank you. ES: No problem. US: We have read a review copy of Platypus Down book and we really like it. ES: Thank you. US: We take it these are going to be books? Plural? More than one. ES: If I am so lucky, yes. US: Where did you come up with such a fantastical idea for a novel. ES: First of all it is not a novel, it is a book - these are just books - and second of all it is not mine, so to say, but rather if fell out of the sky onto my head. I am the - how do you say? Chicken little of this whole thing except that instead of freak out I just started to catch the sky as it fell - or as fast as it could. US: But, as the author and a as a writer you must've gotten inspiration from somewhere? ES: My inspiration was life and all the fantastic people I have met along the way. That is all. US: OK, then. That is all we need to know. Hope to catch up with you for... ES: Platypus Hide. It is a big one. US: Looking forward to it. Thanks. ES. Thank YOU. Is this over now? Just kidding. Wink wink.

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