Monday, October 19, 2015

Ticket-Vorverkauf für STAR WARS – DAS ERWACHEN DER MACHT Star wars The Force Awakens presale tickets Cinestar Berlin Sony Center Star Wars Episode 7

UPDATE: "Cinestar verspricht, das heute ab 19.00 in allen Cinestar-Kinos" - DISCLAIMER: This post is me at my most American huffy-geekiness possible, but shoot, man IT IS STAR WARS - (I have basically been waiting 32 years for this!) and I am now fully dorking out like crazy. ANyhow: Since yesterday I have been madly googling thing like "Ticket-Vorverkauf für STAR WARS – DAS ERWACHEN DER MACHT" and "STAR WARS TICKET VORVERKAUF" and the results have been pretty much nothing but dead ends. I also have the day off, therefore plenty of time to spend on OBSESSING over this huge FIRST WORLD PROBLEM;). SO, I wake up around 7 and start my real search for a viable Star Wars The Force Awakens pre-sale ticket buying option and am instantly... going a whole lotta nowhere. One site called Digital Leinwand (digital screen) reported: "am Montag, den 19.10.2015 um 9 Uhr." Ok, so... apparently if that were the case then no one told the cinemas. Berlin's CINESTAR Original at SONY CENTER (WHere we see every worthwhile blockbuster Hollywood film) has next to nothing on their website. Not only that but the only search result for the new Star Wars results in this page - with a fan-made poster, not the actual film poster:
(granted everything is closed in Germany on Sundays, maybe they didn't get back to work on it til this morning... but the link was even offline for a few hours, and even after it returned they had only added a few more videos, no mention pf pre-sale tickets or new trailer announcements:
SOOO (keep in mind I have the day off and nothing better to do) I get on my bike adn RIDE to Potsdamer Platz to ask in-person about tickets. They know nothing. Wow. Ok... So... I registered online to receive an email update about tickets for the film... hopefully at least that will do the trick? In the meantime I am just going to wait til the new trailer comes out and at least enjoy that. IF anything pops up I will update this post. TTFN.

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