Thursday, January 07, 2021

platypus down PD_B1P1_000_superrr_darrrk_endless_bummer (slipped through the cracks) AUDIOBOOK of BOOK

platypus down PD_B1P1_000_superrr_darrrk_endless_bummer_AS-IS 
copyright 2021 all rights reserved by the author 
platypus down is a book, a work of speculative fiction about (us) humans, the natural world and everything inbetween. 
 this video is an AS-IS audiobook recording of PD_B1P1_000_superrr_darrrk_endless_bummer_AS-IS LABELS: book, audiobook, novel, platypusdown #platypusdown, platypus_down, scifi, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, literature, speculative fiction,
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