Saturday, December 15, 2018

A calmer year

2018 saw us settling into middle age with relief, I'd say - our metabolism  shave slowed and our gray hairs keep popping up seemingly overnight... But the great part of all this? It is fine!
All the hectic mess of your 20s and existential mindfuckery of your thirties all just seems to slow to a crawl around 40 and then you want a warm alcoholic drink to balance out the cold, dark winter (but not more than two because then you'll be hungover for half the weekend.) yea... Something like that. 
Also there is no Star Wars movie this winter - which is a relief! Somehow the Last Jedi brought closure to my +35 year obsession and I can now shop online for a gym membership which I won't end up buying and just keep alternating between ginger-lemon and green tea...
I expect very little from 2019 other than to live comfortable and be ever-more ok with my life and my place in the universe... Not to sound too much like a hallmark card but my life is good and I feel blessed. Yay-!
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