Thursday, September 21, 2006

Post titled: Tyranny of the Majority's Love of the Game(s)

Swimming amongst streams of foot/baseball fans on 1st Ave each day to/from work these past few weeks, I can't help but wonder if the Ballet (or perhaps Art/Theate itself) shouldn't develop mascots, and have matching cotumes emblazoned with sharp-looking logos which both the participants and observers wear AND thereby give individuals free liscense to act like raving madmen for a few hours each week...
"...THEN-" I thought "then just maybe there'd be the same level of interest in the arts as there are in sports..." heh.

What does it mean- this mass appeal? Physical ability and strategy vs. physical ability and strategy... just very differently expressed and packaged, which I think is wht I got such a kick out of the recent ballgames I attended. "This is really something, somethig someone created adn that caught on, developed adn became valid and important because milllions of people eally cared about it. It it a production requiring near-superhuman strength and resources, the venues, the products, the composition and orchestration and performance..." One of those things that makes one wonder if art and life aren't one in the same... not that I'm saying that sports=art, but the one and only football game I've ever seen was such an event, and the aestetics all fell into their right place, adn people knew and cared for every little detail... what does that mean in the grand scheme?... see what I'm saying? What IS that in us and in all of us (or most of us? Is it just the subveersion of tribal warfare and the need to belong, or is it a form of expression?-... anyhow, yea:Meanwhile, QFC (which stands for Quality Food Center for you out-of-towners) is selling some of THE STRANGEST products EVER in recognition of the start of the Seahawks/Huskies season. Bagels... and flowers which look more like quality Duplos that they to "food", wow:

I couldn't stop recording audio, video and fotos the entire game. Each well of roaring and little video clip was like an added element of surprize...
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