Friday, June 01, 2007

Post Titled: French take on G8

gotta love it:

"France - L'Express

"Three months ago everyone was predicting that the G8's main topic would be poverty", recalls the essayist Jacques Attali. "Today, the only theme that counts is the refusal of the United States to set precise objectives for the reduction of greenhouse gas, against the will of the seven other members; this means that we can expect the summit to fail on one very serious matter: the Kyoto protocol will expire in 2012 without either the United States, China or India being prepared to be part of its prorogation. Then, several hours away from the summit, another subject will impose itself: for a long time it was the Soviet Union followed by Afghanistan and then Iraq. Next week it will most likely be Iran. Grand statements will be made and, once again, the question of what the point of the G8 is will be posed. ... Once again it will be concluded that in order for a real reform of worldwide governance to work, it would be necessary to merge the G8 with the United Nations Security Council. Then, like every year, there will be a change of subject." (31/05/2007)"

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