Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Post Titled: 35- Hour Work Week, pffft!
Translation stolen from Eurotopics:
"Slovenia - Dnevnik
Dušan Jovanović on workaholism and capitalism
Workaholism is the driving power behind modern capitalism in Europe, writes Dušan Jovanović. The 35-hour-week that the French fought so hard for back in 2000 has no future, he concludes. "Today work, hobbies and leisure are melting into a combination of duty, suffering and pleasure. ... A person who works a 35-hour-week isn't suited to independent work or intellectually demanding professions because being a lawyer, manager, stockbroker, academic or consultant still requires the willingness to work a 70-hour-week. ... Sociologists hold the view that societies in which the traditional division between working time and leisure remains intact will be left behind, because they prevent the formation of a broad class of workaholics to boost the economy. The latest insight is that capitalism needs workaholism. ... Without it we would continue to be a socialist economy with state-owned property and people who hate their jobs and even go so far as to sabotage them." (23/07/2007)"


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