Friday, July 06, 2007

Post Titled: Beirut and the Dirty Projectors at Postbahnhof- July 5, 2007

Maybe it was because I had a steadily climbing fever since morning, and or maybe it was because Gulag Orkestar got us thrrough our first cold peniless Berlin winter, but the Beirut show last night was amazing.
My first impression upon walking in to the opening band, The Dirty Projectors, was "Oh my god, they are so young-" the two girl gituar players appeared to still be in high school.
Usually one feigns interest and suffers through an opening band, but in this case by the end of the Dirty Projectors set I was actually worried that their performance might top Beirut and the show would be all downhill from there (not the case however, but a very close race nevertheless.)
The Dirty Projectors were a group of 4... (more later>>>)

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Blogger jesika said...

damn! i love them both!

6:21 pm  

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