Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post Titled: Paris Hilton
Post Subtitled: The most Mature and Articulate thing I will accomplish today

(small revenge for the fact that I wake up and on of the first things I see is her face on the fron page of bbc.co.uk, ok?)


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Blogger Musing cynic said...

Hey mate, i totally agree with you: waking up to more news about some idiotic celebrity, is almost as depressing as waking up and remembering that Bush is STILL the president of the US, and is still trying to make the US into an theocratic empire.

What i wanted to comment about though, is to let you know that the title of your page is a little goofy right now -- it shows a (a href) link to photobucket. I recently had the same problem, and opted to switch my blogger title to a picture (you can still name the title at the top of the page what you like) and take out the text below the picture -- but if you're really dead-set on getting that additional text in there, just put it into the picture & upload it that way! :)


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