Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Post Titled: Creative Commoners and Blog Nutters
and a dull overcast Wednesday.

I like the posts of Sylvain Zimmer regarding Creative Commons- CC has great potential, curious about its future... READ HERE... thos graphs are waaaay over my head...
P.S... actually, on second thought, that site was kind of boring except for the graphs, but here is the official Creative Commons site, nothing new there- just a good idea.

But not as good of an idea as trying to root out corruption (err, rip it a new one?) as Beppe Grillo does in his blog HERE

I apologize for the lack of imagery in the blog since the workweek started, been too busy... and clearly OD'd pn images over the weekend

REgarDing the Webcam girl from a few days posts ago - Jenni or Cherri or Pamela: alas, her myspace acct. has been deleted I would assume due to inappropriate content... a delightful idea for forced suicide of a Myspace acct. Meanwhile the mere mention of a webcam girl should increase hits... cheap trick.

OOH- I do like this: Ten Car Train: CC-licensed short story site
"You should read these pieces in their entirety while at work or when someone is paying you to do something else." DIRECT LINK HERE


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