Friday, August 17, 2007

Post Titled: NAME GAME

Soo, I complain a lot about the German Government's control of what you can and cannot name your child (also as far as we can figure you can't get a double/hyphenated last name)... so, yea, grumble grumble- THEN you see something like this and thinkn "Ok, I can see why these laws are in place..." still, within reason-

"Couple tried to name baby '@'"
from Reuters


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Blogger Michelle said...

Since starting passport adjudication, I have seen literally hundreds of names... in America, you can name your baby or yourself anything you damn well please, and we'll even give you a passport with whatever name pleases you! Some of the more interesting ones so far: God, Nemesis, Shithead (pronounced shi-theed). I hear there was a basketball player named God Shamgod? and also one named Scientific Map? I asked whether we issued Prince a passport in the name of the symbol, but I didn't get an answer because "of privacy laws"... lol.

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