Thursday, August 09, 2007

Post Titled: New Reasons to fear and run from Oprah and icky icky America
Post Subtitled: *Barf.*
Post Sub-SubTitled: Morning Venom

what kind of android bullshit is this?!:

there's that song: "if youuu doonnnt knooow me by now, you will never ever ever know mee."
Question Zero: Do you even know this person? Have(n't) you been dating for -how long?-
I came across this list from Oprah on CNN - because it is big news- and was pretty horrified that you youldn't already KNOW these things about someone you were planning to marry... normally I wouldn't bother to complain about the Oprah-tardation effect on American society, but this is just sooo painfully disgusting, THESE QUESSSSTIONS


Question 7:
If one of us doesn't want to work, under what circumstances, if any, would that be okay?

NOTE: THis question pretty much assumes that both people must work and it would be wrong if one of them did not... uhm... ass of u and me.

Question 8:
How ambitious are you? Are we comfortable with the other's level of ambition?
Imagine: "Honey, I'm just comfortable with your level of ambition."

Question 11:
Do we eat meals together? Which ones? Who is responsible for the food shopping? Who prepares the meals? Who cleans up afterward?

Question 13:
What place does the other's family play in our family life? How often do we visit or socialize together? If we have out-of-town relatives, will we ask them to visit us for extended periods? How often?

Question 14:
If we have children, what kind of relationship do we hope our parents will have with their grandchildren? How much time will they spend together?

Question 16:
How will having a child change the way we live now? Will we want to take time off from work, or work a reduced schedule? For how long? Will we need to rethink who is responsible for housekeeping?

Question 18:
What are my partner's needs for cultivating or maintaining friendships outside our relationship? Is it easy for me to support those needs, or do they bother me in any way?

OK: Is it just me? Or does Oprah's list just suck every bit of joy outtta life and make me want to die... it also reeks of East coast... Bed, Bath, and Beyond Purgatory... reeks... (sorry if I am offendig readers on the East Coast but sometimes (remembering) the inhumnanity of it just makes me a bit ill)...



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Blogger Patrick said...

I for one, as an East Coaster, am totally offended. ;-)

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