Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Post Titled: Artists in the Tabloids?... hmm.
Ripped from David Byrne's Journal Online ("Don't call it a Blog")

"(Alan) Yentob is making a doc, for the BBC I guess, on “How To Get On In The Art World” — that's how he put it. I saw two camera operators elsewhere in the gallery. Yentob casually asked more questions and then I noticed he was wired — he had a mic clipped onto his jacket collar. I could see one of the distant cameras pointing at us. I began to feel a little uncomfortable. I commented on the fact that some UK artists get covered in the daily tabloid press over there — it would be like a Mike Kelly show here for example, getting big coverage in the news pages of the Post, which is not going to happen. But, I offered, the interest by the British tabloids in what Tracy and Damien are up to is not, in my opinion, a sign of arty interest on the behalf of the UK workingman. Instead, it is an effort by the Murdoch owned papers to reinforce the idea that artists are nothing but fucking nutters and crafty conmen to boot. It sells more papers if you can work up some class outrage at the shenanigans of the art world. Yentob remarked that Damien and Tracy earn so much they are crying about the press slagging them off all the way to the bank. I excused myself."

Pssst: We are still not entirely happy about the fact that DAvid Byrne does not allow for comments... but I guess that is one of the reasons why it can still be considered a "Journal" and not a "blog"
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Perrrsonally,... after 10 years of them, I just don't know how I feel about art openings anymore. I dan#t get too terribly excited about them now... I think I prefer museums- they are (usually) less-crowded and more slow-paced. (Old man)

oh, yea, and the Streets have a free show tonight in Berlin:
The O2 World Berlin, (East Side Gallery Mühlenstraße) currently under construction near the Ostbahnhof, is celebrating its topping out ceremony (Richtfest) on September 20th. On the evening of the 19th there'll be a free concert - The Streets Open Air - from 7pm on the construction site featuring UK artist Mike Skinner.

Entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


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