Thursday, September 13, 2007

Post Titled: avtar profile foto creature all its own

this is
my profile
foto for
a lot
...choosing a profile foto is always a silly self consciousprocess...
like. a symbol of your self - choose or find or make a symbol of yourself...
like digital cave-drawing practically.
The tagline for someone's blog the other day was "Blogging is easy, Commenting is hard."
WHich I found myself
totalllly agreeing with.

my comments are rarely much more than "dude, totally."
with the exception(s) of the paragraphs left on paperpools. perhaps.
but BUT bUt
isn#t that what this blog is supposed to be about- life "Post-Google" err, just "now"..?
the previous post (about Russians needing to have babies because of a dangerously low birthrate) was funny at first, ....but the more I thought about it- it is really tragic. Has the body of society lost its desire to reproduce- has the organism frogotten how to be? is it passive suicide on Russia's part? (and Europe to a lesser extent)...
mmmmmh. what happened to the lust for life?...
???iggy pop.

oh, and from the Guardian: Putin Dissolves Government


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Blogger Ithaca said...

You have never ONCE left a Dude, totally comment on pp -- definitely great comments, whereas I wander over here and never feel I can improve on the actual post. Came across a blog by the NYTimes book reviewer today ( This post on DFW on the Best American Essays anthology and focus on Iraq war got 1 comment, a post on reading and eating got 80. So, I wonder, maybe commenters think serious issues are just too big for the comment space?

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