Monday, September 17, 2007

Post Titled: EU antitrust suit against Microsoft
Ok, I posted this in my top-secret work blog earlier, but now after thinking about it all day really feel the need to say that, ok, -that I never feel pity for Microsoft... it is a big company, makes a lot of money, who cares, right-? err, so never have (usually, ever) felt pity -but in this particular instance I definitely wish Brussels would just shut the fuck up and go back to what it usually does best: repeatedly slam(ming) its own dick in the door.

Video from the BBC HERE
FROM Yahoo News:

"Microsoft loses its appeal of a European antitrust order Monday that obliges the technology giant to pay a record $613 million fine, share communications code with rivals and sell a copy of Windows without Media Player....
The ruling confirms more than ever that Microsoft must comply," said EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes. "I will not tolerate continued noncompliance."
Kroes said however that the victory did not yet mean that software customers have more choice than they did three years ago, when Microsoft was slapped with the original EU fine.
"The court has confirmed the Commission's view that consumers are suffering at the hands of Microsoft," she said. "

BULLSHIT. who is suffering. WHy is the EC wasting its time on this? who are these retards? Peer Hellstrom. yoideedoi. INdeed-. Who are you people and who the hell even USES Windows Media Player??? except people like me with ancient laptops that can't handle iTunes. Actually, I have grown to like Windows Media Player as I use it to rip cds from the library to my 160 gig external hard drive... it is useful... but not a goddamn antitrust juggernaut by any means...
as the article below implies this may become a bad EU habit... is Apple in their sites?
BUT as for the EC and these well-to-do do-gooder useless EuroFUCKTARDgoverningbodydisconnectedfromrealityandoperatingona1975level-types
where is that clip-? AH, there, Julianne Moore says it best:

and another article, also NYT:
Microsoft Ruling May Bode Ill for Other Companies


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