Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Post Titled: sigur rós væntanlegir tónleikar
Uh, lemme start (disgustingly) by quoting myself from twitter: "TARartRAT - first time facebook came in handy: added sigur rós to my music list at 3 am last night, found out they were playing on the 21st, bought tix about 15 hours ago from web"
Literally, I am adding those little "ooh, this is who I am defining myself by the coool music I like" band boxes in the middle of the night in a bout of insomnia and I though "gosh, my list would be so much cooler if I added sigur rós!" (who(m) I really do love), so I went to their page and voila´! (accent?) Somebody had listed that they were having a show on October 21st in Berlin- so I frantically searched the internet, until realizing that I had to have an effing german kreditkarte to buy tickets online, which I don't, so I just went to the Admiralspalast (same venue I saw De La Soul at a few months ago) and bought tickets at the kasse the next day. Nuts.
What is different about this "show" is that they are really just on a movie tour. They made a movie and are playing acoustic sets with it- I am very curious. The MOvie, "heima" (I assume meaning "home" since it is so similar to the German word "heimat" meaning something like "where you're from, your exact plot of homeland, or maybe just homeland in general" if I had to translate it) which all makes sense since their music IS the icelandscape. After listening to their music while driving around IN Iceland I had no desire to listen to id again for another year, and only seeing them live could really measure up- (let me be a sap and say that seeing them live probably does something wierd to some deep subcounscious ancient/animal part of the brain, when they first started touring people would inexplicably faint.
I like this quote: "Some have been known to faint; others vomit. Many claim to experience spiritual awakenings. No, I am not talking about meeting the Pope, I am talking about a rock concert." -Ryan Doherty, The Hoya, Georgetown University.
Since this upcoming show is acoustic, I really do not know what to expect, afterall- so much of the sigur rós experience is about being completely overwhelmed and reduced, body and mind, to an infantile state for a moment... can an acoustic set do that?


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