Thursday, November 08, 2007

Post Titled: Fightin' Words.
Post Subtitled: Unintended behind-the-scene horrors of bureaucracy.

For the second time in the past month NK and I got into a horrible fight over a problem which turned out to be a humman error on the part of some Beamter (Civil Servant) and it is so deeply depressing because these horrible issues created were not of our own doing... If there is a piece of paper missing or a incorrect appointment or a wrong bit of information you do not usually assume that it is the mistake of the Civil Servant or their office's organisational failure. First-off you blame the person whom you are filing those papers with with for the error...
I.E.:"I SENT that already. No, seriously, I SENT that. They HAVE it!"

Now, after two mistakes I am going to be very careful- as I said, all this paperwork- physical paperwork- (just like the Post) I no longer trust. It can be lost, destroyed, misplaced, damaged, filed and forgotten and that is exactly what has happened.
Dear Ausländerbehörde und Arbeitsamt: learn how to use a fucking computer please.


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