Monday, January 28, 2008

Post Titled: you are a bad person behave you bad person ok good.
Post Subtitled: More half-baked (or burnt) theories, observations and beschwerungen on education.

Humour me if I start by saying simply that the entire American education system basically doubles as:
A. A Babysitting service
B. An indoctrination service to make people conform to the rules, order, expectations and desires they should have within their respective society (ok, maybe that one is more international)

Then/And how does that all compare to Europe? I haven't a clue really. I was talking with a German girl who had spend a semester in Israel and, after returning, had nothing good to say about the German University system.
"It is just, like- the professors lecture in the subjects they research and that is all they care about, there is no introduction adn no real interactive education... I mean, you are lost for the first year, no one really knows what to do." Then this goes on for years, adn then you are supposed to be ready to hunker down for a 40-hour work week... Huh? To be fair, the American University system could be the opposite extreme, that is; too customer-friendly.

But that is at the University level, so what goes on from KITA to Gymnasium/Realschule and (whatever that other one is called)?
I mean, these kids get out of school at lunchtime, so it isn't an effective babysitting service, and then... well, then - what. Somehow, the Germans have expediated their indoctrination process, needing only half a day for nearly twice the impact/results. (sorry, not all of you, I know -all you German readers of the blog readers are cool as hell)

AND Where do EITHER of these systems stand in the 21st century?
The German system, like most all German systems, is going to resist (or live in denial of) change and might not be dynamic enough to weather the digital storm. The American system might have already produced a generation or two of kids who can't organise or cooperate, spell, think, who can't sit still, can't listen and take other people's ideas in to consideration, can't focus, can't make their own fun, have zero patience- and probably know more about computers/technology/ the internet than any other portion of the poulation -I dunno. Just throwing out a few ideas. Cynical today, okOk and I have no children of my own -so what do I know, really?

AND ohOh, wait, but there is always the beauty of Montessori... which is so vital, right?

On top of that, I had a coversation the other night where it was pointed out to me that- if not properly registered and if not backed by €1,000,000 firmly in the bank the TAR ART RAT Foundation labelled as a "Foundation" would be something that I could end up in German Prison for. Ok, whatever. Back to our regularly-scheduled program and Sucks to your assmar.

I had myself a fine MOS DEF film day yesterday, watching A Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Michel Gondry's Dave Chappelle's Block Party again, which is excellent.
Love this scene with teh marching band:


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