Sunday, February 10, 2008

Post Titled: πάντα χωρίς κομπολόι at the End of Suburbia...
I met some wonderful Greeks yesterday, I think I just love Greeks, ther ability to apply a song to nearly any situation, their insistance that you stay and have a good time, their talking freely about things/topics that most Europeans would never bring up... γειάσου "Ευγένεια"! είστε μια πριγκήπισσα της ζωής! Pleas eexcuse my Babelfish Greek. Even if it is incorrect, I just like the way it looks...& I have been known to suffer from Modern Grecophilia... from time to time.

Ok, so this clip was in the middle of a NY TImes article today, and I thought the severity of it to be kind of funny somehow, and odd that just as the suburban lifestyle is getting hold all over the globe we woud put out a film about how it is unsustainable/must be stopped/another great evil of our time... granted, having lived in a framing village and in major urban centers for the past 15 years I can laugh and point from my high horse... and feel nothing, I guess- just feel removed.


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