Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post Titled: fresh meat.
damn- I still I think slate is right when they say "Forget Miley Cyrus. Check out Disney's Chinese underwear ad." (foto above) but but but
uhm, what to say... I hate these types of posts... just skip this. scan down to the image... so, here I am, my grasp- no, my ability to see the sense and reason(s)ing american value system drifting away into absurd obscurity like that escaped red helium balloon in that old belgium or french movie where the kid is chasing an escaped red helium balloon throughout some charming city in belgium or france... indeed, the more time I spend in this heathen land of europe, the less I notice boobs. I am actually tired of having this conversation with myself, this monologue, like: "wooo, so many boobs and naked bodies in the liberal and mind/bodily free continent of europe. gr. fine. there are boobs in the ads. you all have boobs in your ads and you are so free and we are not we are puritan party weirdos and you have boobs and asscracks on dvd covers at the video store and on the fronts of magazines and we do not because we are uptight and can't handle boobs, I don't know why, ok,ok, fine." CHANGE GEARS
ok, the shockoutrage in the media today over this foto is just... unnecessary. in the 2-3 minutes which I have been able to tolerate actually watching Hannah Montana videos, (super obnoxiously annoying videos, actually) it seems like Disney already sells her as a nubile sex symbol but to her own peer group... so take off her shirt and plop her in-front of Annie Leibovitz and market her towards a broader audience and suddenly people go ape-shit? Parents go ape-shit. Bill O'Reily goes all ape-shit... So, if this girl is marketed as a sort of tomboyish cool goofy nubile sex-symbol by Disney - that is ok, but to arts-ily portray her as an actual vulnerable more serious/ly) nubile sex symbol to everyone is outrageous? mmh... ja... go figure... the enigma of the american value system... The image itself is actually kind of Tim Burton-esque...


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Blogger jesika said...

yeah, i don't understand the hannah montana outrage AT ALL. it's completely silly. the disney ad, however, is HILARIOUS.

4:17 am  
Blogger Michelle said...

i agree with you that she's already portrayed in an oversexed way, but that image - while i appreciate it for its artistic value - she's like wrapped in a bedsheet looking like she just had a nice morning fuck. she's 15 and the little girls who idolize her are 9. i doubt the little girls would have even SEEN the ad if everyone hadn't made such a BFD out of it, but still.... regardless, the other picture of her with her dad was WAY more creepy in a Chester Molester kind of way. blegh.

1:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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