Friday, June 27, 2008

Post Titled: DENK TANK
my friend an colleague and unofficially the behind-the-scenes contributor to this blog (because of all the crazy sh+t he sends me), Dan of Berlinoir and Pulpable, is leaving Berlin! (what will the blog be called now? Bostonoir?) So, I felt the need to design a t-shirt for to send him off with. The "Denk Tank" was what we started calling our cluster at work- originally I had named it the "Engwisch FinkTank" but then some of the English-only speakers left and some English-German speakers arrived, the name changed to "Denglisch DenkTank" which was then abbreviated to "DENK TANK." Why am I wearing a 4-foot tall feathered topless can-can dancer's hat? Because I found it on the internet... (click on above image to enlarge)
best of luck in your new life in the New World, Dan! your mild-mannered witticism will be missed.


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Blogger EEJ said...

This is utterly fucking brilliant. BTW, keep your eye on the mail. You'll be getting a save-the-date for our wedding and I sincerely hope you'll be able to make it (which I realize is probably highly unlikely, but I'll hope anyway!).

4:51 pm  
Anonymous Dan said...

It is truly awesome, and I shall wear it with pride as a tribute to those who the Denglisch DenkTank and all those who sailed in her for the last year.

4:58 pm  

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