Monday, September 08, 2008

Post titled: mixt marketing.
ok- I probably very lamely and flimsily described why it is ok to download shit from the internet
for free in a past post... and yesterday after bulldozing the memory on me external hard drive to make room for
"Battlestar galactica: Razor" (since I have watched all the battlestar there is to watch i the regular seasons)
I realized that... well, let me put forth this scenario:
Without hesitation I deleted Drillbit Taylor (which i had in a folder called "Drill Taylor") -I'd watched the first 20 minutes of the movie about 3
times already, falling asleep each time, at which point it was really just time to move on. But- same as last time- I would've
never ever
rented it, and it never had a theatrical release here so- paying a ticket price wasn't even an option`in D-land...
At the end of the illegal download story I gain nothing and they lose nothing, nevertheless I would continue to spread the Judd Apatow brand via Word of Mouth,
because things like Freaks and Geeks exist, which might be one of the best shows about being in High School ever. and SuperBad really is pretty funny.


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