Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post Titled: Radiobed.
Post Titled:A series of unconnected mentionings-of-music...
yo yo yo.

Personal anecdote- (who cares! to avoid and get to the point: skip directly to the mention of Bill Medley in bold down there) Back on the radio alarm! (stupid thing: iPod has an alarm, but you would have to be waring headphones for it to be effective OR leave it plugged into computer speakers all night, and given the costs of electricity in Germany it is actually a more attractive option to simply risk not waking up, this was only a problem during the 4 days of Polish houseguests when I was sleeping in my own guest room)
Thanks to the radio alarm, today I learned that it was Bill Medley's (of the Righteous Brothers) birthday and he is also the
guy who sings that Dirty Dancing song "I had the time of my life" (GREAT song to jump out of bed to at 6:36am on a freezing Friday morning, bytheway- (left the windows open, ouch!) but now after 6 hours of having it stuck in my head I want someone to shoot me with a tranquilizer which might induce a hibernation-like state lasting until -oh, let's say: June? I don't know if tranquilizers are that accurate...) (oh-just remembered that the horns buildup to this song was used also as an excerpt in the intro them to The Wonderful World of Disney) Anyhow, Radio Eins (or (whatever station I was listening to-?) pointed out the strange fact that the Righteous Brothers' also had a (re-)hit(?) song,
"Unchained Melody" which was on the Ghost Soundtrack in 1990... both films (Dirty Dancing and Ghost) star Patrick Swayze... no coincidence, apparently... but they wouldn't say why.

Somehow I retained all this information immediately after waking up. I can't credit it because I have no idea what station it was on.

Alas.- oh, quite cool: Seattle Wunderkind musician Michael Vermillion was recently and randomly played on the RADIO EINS show Happy Sad LINK HERE TO PLAYLIST,

as this post rambles on about vague and unrelated musicians and their music... the Cowboy Killers are playing their first Berlin show since returning from their European tour tonight at Volksbühne's ROTER SALON
Official release says: "Part of a larger folk festival - more info as soon as we get it! We’ll be on a bill with a couple other bands, two dollar bash, etc. huzzah!" so go have your "face melted" (but not like Raiders of the Lost Ark)

ALSO, there is the matter of Joanna Newsom. an imp.
for years have avoided ms. newsom's music, thinking (literally): "that girl is weird." she IS weird. but now I listen to her every night before I go to bed. To me, (admittedly I know NOTHING about her) she comes across as a kinda Tiny Vipers meets that one girl from cocoRosie meets harp-playing angel meets 5-year-old girl... hate to admit it but I really like her music now. Still: weird.

I was translating some things at work on Wednesday for another dept... and there was a word which could absolutely not be translated: "Brainstormingtools" (actually used as a Denglish-German word in a German business text) BUT if one WERE to translate it... it would be "Gehirnsturmenwerkzeuge"... ja, best to just leave it as-is.
haha- from the Onion "Obama Deletes Another Unread E-Mail"


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the harp girl
to me it's more like lisa simpson singing

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