Thursday, September 18, 2008

When streaming the Daily SHow or Colbert Report online there is this ad which comes on beforehand
-Target or Wal Mart or something with these two girls sort of having a dance-off to something
that sounds like M.I.A. but is not, it is very catchy and annoyingly "cool"- yet (after being forced to stream through it for the dozenth time) the more I thought about it:
how long did it take for the cultural cool to get from the shitty parts of Los Angeles to the big screen via
David LaChappelle in his film RIZE then to sink into pure commercialized junk via Target or Wal-Mart or whoever?...
Anyhow, that is trickle-down-up-down krumponomics for you. hi.
HERE are the videos:

Reminds me of the rumors that haute coture would actually plant new handbag designs into the knockoff market for its own benefit- same sort of trickle up-down-up model... what about those rumors, anyhow?


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