Friday, April 10, 2009

Post Titled: species previously thought to be extinct found alive, well and for sale...
Post Subtitled: the dicontinued Michael Phelps corn flakes cereal box and three other photos I took yesterday...
NOTE: look closely for hidden symbols and meanings (NOTE on the NOTE: this was a coincidence, CLUES included below)

CLUES!: Top photo is what my finger looks like without the camera lens; That Resteraunt should say "Little Chef" -do you know how hard it was to take this drive-by photo from the motorway?!?; the white flower on the red background is a sticker given to me on a train by a Georgian girl, it is a symbol of Georgian solidarity/revolution which is now stuck to the leather exterior of my "paper blog" (journal); as everyone knows he Phelps deal was cut from Kellogg's after he got caught photographed smoking out of a bong- but I found this display yesterday! and it wasn't at the Salvation Army!
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