Saturday, May 09, 2009

Post Titled: art show! gosh, thanks!Just want to gush for a second here because the show last night went much better than I'd anticipated, so: Thanks to paul diddy (aka dj tonight aka paul tyree-francis of golden parachutes) for the brilliantly orchestrated marathon dj set (8-2???) check out his podcasts while you are at it (did he" on iTunes) and to mr. cory andreen and cafe ck for having the space to host in the first place, great turnout,- great feedback, great artwork-! so thanks for showing up (especially under such dramatic circumstances as a flash thunderstorm) and thanks for viewing, laughing and even buying! I am very happy that all went so totally well last night! Oh, and here is the flyer we sent out which I never posted to the blog. Thanks all for coming and see you next month!

tar art rat tarartrat art berlin cafe painting drawing opening


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Blogger Jesi Khadivi said...

yay! yay! yay!
yip! yip! yip!
looking forward to next month!

4:52 pm  

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