Saturday, May 16, 2009

FICTION: "Noah's ____"
"Noah's ____" is a short story written and read by me. Some of you will even be able to pick out the characters. I'd highly recommend downloading it and taking it with you in an iPod or fake iPod since it is about 23 min. Long (an honestly it gets off to sort of a dull/rocky start). The above photo is from the story, shot by the brilliantly talented Issara Willenskomer
Notes on the story: it is based on real people and actual events. Please excuse the hoarseness of my sick voice as I stumble over my own words. The original story was hand-written, xeroxed, and hand-bound in small hardback editions which I sold on the streets of Berlin back before I had a job and/or work permit. I think it is a pretty fun story, and although I am not totally satisfied with this cold reading (after having not picked it up for over 2 years) it is good enough for now, and if I choose to replace it with a smoother version I'll upload it here. THanks and ENJOY!

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