Friday, May 29, 2009

Post Titled: Which one of these Captions bests fits the above foto?:
A. "Fascists R' Us" called and they want their star Parking Policewoman back.
B. Terminator: Salivation.
C. Somebody seriously needs to get laid (and it ain't the newlyweds.)
D. Humanity FAIL.
E. "GERMANS...!"
So, I accidentally arrive to a wedding a half-hour early (and about every half-hour a new wedding party emerges from the
Standesamt Mitte under a hail of rice, etc. Beautriful, really) but as I am observing the current wedding party I notice
the guys from the wedding sort of one-by one running over to deal with a Parking Policewoman. She was working in tandem with
another Policewoman to basically bust the whole lote of everyone, none of whom were obviosly illegally parked, and all of whom
were parked on one of the most low-traffic streets in Mitte. Nevertheless, the Parking Policewoman worked her way from car to car
with her little Rechner... wow. I am so glad I had a camera today. More images to come from this absolutely beautiful and
strange morning/afternoon.
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