Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Post Tilted: Europawahlen 2009 ResultatenAfter being forced to look at these images for the past few weeks as Europe was apathetically dragged through another vague EU election, we bicycled around the city, armed with bullshit-piercing lenses freshly installed into the Post-Google Golden Goggles of Righteousness. Post-Google hit the streets wielding a camera and and an 8th-grade sense of humour to provide the ULTIMATE Post-EU Elections (local?) campaign poster wrap-up/round up commentary.
Our results!:
Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin for so effectively using the Much sexier than the average sexy Librarian angle.


Joacim Zeller for looking like a grumpy Disney vulture.

Not Pictured: Dagmar Vote for me because I'm your nice Aunt Smiley and kinda Ethnic and look like I'll make food for you Barths-whatever. (We like her, too.)

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