Monday, October 12, 2009

Post Titled: Followup
a visitor yesterday (from NY)
pointed me in the direction of Alien Workshop's aesthetic, which - somewhat coincidentally -included a song we had had stuck in our heads: Animal Collective's MY GIRLS
but really: if you haven't watched a skateboard video in awhile, they"re quite amazing.

"Mind Field" a FILM by Alien Workshop

Filmed and built over the span of 2005 - 2008, Mind Field is the 4th full length audio/visual offering by AWS. A document of the team's raw talents and electric personalities interlaced with the workshop's undying pursuit of visual individuality and creative freedom.

Heath Kirchart
Arto Saari
Mikey Taylor
Anthony Van Engelen
Josh Kalis
Dylan Rieder
Omar Salazar
Jason Dill
Rob Dyrdek
Steve Berra
Grant Taylor
Jake Johnson
Tyler Bledsoe

Music by Dinosaur Jr, J Mascis, Growing, Animal Collective and more.

NO copyright infringement intended
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