Tuesday, December 08, 2009

everything not in its right place.
Douglas Copeland talks with Kai Ryssdal about his new novel "Generation A" on Marketplace... oh, you creepathon crackberry future!
"I think we've just had to absorb too much too quickly. I've asked people who are much older than myself, I'm 47, which seemed more startling at the time, the introduction of television or the introduction of the Internet. And everybody goes slamdunk the Internet. I remember the 70s that all we really did in society is we went from rotary phones to bush-button phones, and that was it for the decade. And then the 80s came and we had music videos. And then the 90s and the Internet. We have absorbed so much in the last, not even five years, three years, it's crazy. It's almost like we want a year out to absorb it all, but we can't. And it's probably going to get thicker and faster. And again, that's where stories come in, it's a way of finding new ways of looking at ourselves, and finding new ways of surviving psychically during all this change and turmoil."

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