Thursday, January 28, 2010

If I were President Barack Obama (who just spammed me with an email subject: "We don't quit." I'd just outsource my state of the union address to Busta Rhymes and T.I.:
"Any situation where you might get FED UP
Gotta stay focused, homie keep your head up
It don't really matter what the next one is doin
Homie gotta handle your business and then you better STEP UP
Live to the fullest for the dream you're pursuin
Ain't nothin in the work gon' really stop what you're doin (OHH!)
Go hard no matter what they be sayin
Nigga don't quit cause you know we gotta keep it movin (OHH!)
Take a look and see yourself in me
Cause it's all about we (WE)
Me and you securin a win together
So we could be the best that we could ever be (OHH!)
Stay up on your grind, be the first one to - SET IT
People try to shut me down, I won't - LET IT
I'm so stubborn for the success
You know my motto - don't stop, get it, get it!

Tell 'em they're number one [repeat to fade]"


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