Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And a weird thing happened that has never happened before

I went to an opening at a well-respected and established 
downtown and quickly realized that 
the artist exhibiting
was my neighbor-
like, the other side of by bedroom wall
(I knew he was a photographer and sometimes 
we end up with his mail in my box)

Walking through the show 
no matter how hard I tried to
look at the photos and enjoy them for what they
all I could think about was what a jerk that guy is
and how we have been listening to him scream and yell at 
his really
nice, sweet 
live-in girlfriend 
forever now, even 
during the time she was pregnant. 

That yelling has let up since it was born but now the baby cries a lot. 

Big fancy art show or not, 
I have a lot of evidence that points directly towards 
that guy being a real dick. 

fOLLOWUP: one month later I saw the guy at the next show at the space and we talked for a long time- turns out that it was a total fluke that he even had work in the space- apparently he really just got lucky... And he's really nice... So is his baby momma... So why all the yelling?
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