Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to quit drinking or how to quit smoking or how to lose weight usingthe Nyan Cat method (aka the iPhone stopwatch method;) - GOOD LUCK!

How to quit smoking or stop drinking or maybe even lose weight using the Nyan Cat method:
1.if you have a smart phone (iPhone) then open the clock app and start the stopwatch then exit the app.
2.routinely check he stopwatch and see how satisfying it is to see how long it has been since you drank or smoked or ate a piece of cheesecake.
3. If you break down and smoke or drink or eat a bacon cheeseburger then you have to reset your stopwatch back to zero YOU FRAKING LOSER!

So, yea, this method I invented to help keep myself away from vodka basically works on the same principle as the Nyan Cat website: http://www.nyan.cat/

(If you copy this please give me credit and praise ;) oh, and for those of us who can't read here is the video:
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