Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Zen and the art of the Berghain door policy

when asked by a friend of a friend
"how to get into Berghain"
(or, I guess, about the Berghain door policy) this was my response:
"hi- honestly - gosh... as far as I can tell 
there is very little rhyme or reason to it -
even regulars get turned away every now and then.  
as far as I can tell I have heard they don't like big groups
and bros and tussis are usually automatically out - and Brits. 
don't dress too nice and don't be loud and drunk in line -
supposedly they favor germans (or at least german-speaking locals?) but I don't have much evidence for that-
and i as far as I can tell if you are asian or black you have no problem getting in
 - most Germans seem overly-afraid of being accused of racism...
(but then again they seem have no problem turning away Spaniards and Italians... )
that is about all I got - 
but honestly every time I tried to plan it out and thought i'd get in I didn't 
and then every time 
I went impulsively and was dressed like crap and expecting to be turned away 
I - ironically - ended up getting in - soooo - go figure! 
plan b: if I don't make it in I usually just go to Eslewhere and have an amazing time. Although Berghain is considered the holy grail of Berlin clubs I have just as much fun anywhere else... 
good luck!"
While we are on be topic I stumbled across this article by the NY Times' Nick Kulish about the fascinating life and photography of Berghain doorman Sven Marquardt http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/03/world/europe/03germany.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

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