Wednesday, December 14, 2005

4:30am. I couldn't sleep because sometime on the bike ride home from work my pinky tonail ripped loose, (allow me to gross you out) it was kind of hanging-on halfway and snagging the sheets all night as I slept and of course the shooting pains would wake me up. I thought how much it would SUCK to be tortured involving your fingernails- like bamboo shoots under them, ick... adn the US Gov't still won't condemn such actions... I'm not saying they rip people's fingernails out but jeez- c'
mon, just say "it's wrong" at least and go from there!
After hours of tossing and turning I finally got out of bed and ripped the tonenail off (which insists on STILL bleeding) Ugh. Now I am stuck with a swollen bleeding pinky toe and a head full of Gremlins from no sleep. Nagging neurotic concerns for life, work, art, news,my own creative capabilities and all forms of infomation pollution. Can I coin a term right now? "Info candy" (I think that's what it was) I know it sounds kind of dumb but what other term can one use to describe the fascinating gunk on the internet- google,wikipedia,, the onion, the dozens (if not hundreds) of websites I check daily for information-entertainment. "Info candy" like eye candy or brain candy or whatever other candies are out there.
4:46 am. The fog is back- any time teh sun isn't up the fog seems to roll in and visibility is reduced to a quarter of a city block. Fortunately we had some tea in the cupboard- kinda crappy Trader Joe's mutt tea which I suspect is actually potpourri and roasted tree bark. But it is ok. Do NOT drink their chai. That is NOT ok. A cd (I had bought last Summer and haven't seen since) surfaced from the rubble of paper, brushed, ink-pens, empty cigarette packs (Alex's, not mine), blocks of fake wood, postcards, books, reciepts, glitter, paint, wires and sunglasses that is the surface of the table. It is a collection of lesser-known/recognizable Erik Satie piano songs and popped that in Vernon's old stereo which still works quite well... seems appropriate for a foggy freezing morning.
I found myself sitting at work for the last hour last night staring at the computer thinking how ironic it was that "the Terminator" had the final say in the life or death of the co-founder of teh Crips,Stan Tookie Williams. Has Arnold ever killed a man? Regardless of innocence or guilt of this guy (and not to undermine the precious integrity of our fantabulous justice system) it still semms like this is just retaaaded. Ahhhnold's reason for not granting a pardon was the Williams would not apologize for what he has done- but what if he didn't do it? Still, I'm no expert and nor do I really care about this particular instance that much but I do hope it sparks a public debate about the retaaarded and barbaric nature of capital punishment. Again. C'mon Snoop, where you at>? Use your basically useless celeb status to lobby for this shizzle.
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