Sunday, August 27, 2006

This morning's post is (tastefuly) titled:
"BLOGGIN' DAT ASS" (or "One Giant Leap Backwards for Feminism (which was so absurd it verged on comedy)")
I don't know how to go about this properly,can't actually put it into words- but you remember Jodi Foster in TAXI DRIVER?

Well, she was all up in "tha club" Lauren talked me into going to last night. This girl was there with her minimum-amount of clothing and her semi-abusive ogre-of-a-boyfriend. When I wasn't entranced by Star Wars (hugely projected on the wall) I was entertaining myself by trying to discreetly foto her and her craaaaazzy ass- which was flashing everywhere like chasing E.T. goddamn through the woods with a flashlight, hundreds of people in this place and her ass is sending out signals like a homing beacon... these meatmarkets - boy,... I tell ya. I only go to Belltown to mingle with the Polo'd and Abercrombie'd about twice a year, which gives me about 6 months inbetween to srub the "ICK" off... got complinemented on my "Dork-Thug" look, Ugh, barf, bang head against the wall. anyhow, I'm going to continue Nursing my nasty gintonic hangover... the ass-girl, jeezus ( reminds me of Chaz Palminterri's line to Anna Paquin in Hurly Burly : "You and your tits and your ass-! Football duddn't stand a chance!" (ah, but Star Wars on the other hand... did stand a chance...)
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