Thursday, September 21, 2006

Post: regarding morning frivolity
DISCLAIMER: This post may be of little interest to anyone but myself or perhaps the members of "Book Club" and their subsidiaries.

1. Since last weekend there have already been pallet-loads of Halloween Candy in Safeway... where does all that sugar come from? and what ever happened to Tricks? -it's only about Treats now... has been for awhile... maybe the treats would be more meaningful (err- intense?) if they were actually necessary to prevent tricks, like "Trick OR Treat."... conclusion: Halloween is weak!
Either way Haloween IS something I'll miss...

2. Every morning I see dozens of people smoking out front of their places of work between 9-10am. Why aren't there any addictive habits that are healthy? (Besides being psychologically addicted to working-out? It's it odd that addicetive habdits are BAD for you? I realy can't think of a substance addiction that is beneficial... I mean- something that is actually good for you- like broccoli or spinach (when it isn't tainted with deadly bacteria))

3. no three yet. (oh, no- I take that back: 3 is the number of times I'm missed that "1000 years of icelandic music" movie at the NW film forum the other day, GRRRRRHHH!

4. I let my digital audio recorder record a good solid hour of banter at Book Club last night- it'll be interesting to see what we were talking about (can't quite completely recall) besides:
-the ACTUAL reason why Dan Rather was fired, (like, a font-?)
-how "having a blog about baby animals might get a guy laid" (Nancy's theory),
-"So, Jessica Alba's ass, eh?" (yea, that's...uhm,)
-Duuuude, you're effing moving to Berlin-!
-Duuude,you're a homeowner-?!?
-Duuuuuude, we're 26 years old- how'd that happen?
ooh- little did I know there was even a flickr acct. for "stumbling Monk art"- that is, the drunken coaster sketches. huh,.
und soweiter und sofort. Alas, I'll miss the Stumbling Monk and Chris the perfectly stoic bartender there on Wednesdays...
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