Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cherry Lizard

Cherry Lizard, originally uploaded by TAR ART RAT.

We had a small auto accident... that was after I saw THis lizard this morning. THe lizard was eating cherries at Pike"s Place Market in Seattle. we went to a cathederal full of Catholics, I was bored, although there were good decorations. I am still very tired from jetlag. it is raining. all the time, and the 40,000 attendees of the UW graduation at the football stadium spent hours in the rain... graduating.
I am very confused about being back here. america just seems like a big movie set.

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Blogger jesika said...

ah graduation and extended family...i couldn't think of a scarier social gathering to embark upon while in the midst of culture shock. (i skipped mine)

9:46 am  
Blogger "Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

it isn't so bad,,, I have been a bit silly in the head the entire time what with the jetlag and all. I felt bad last night, I was nodding off suddenly in the middle of conversations, no matter how hard i tried!

2:28 pm  

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