Saturday, June 09, 2007

lauren porch june 2007, originally uploaded by TAR ART RAT.

a couple flights and a bit of jetlag, I am now at my sister's house in seattle, top on a hill in the Central District she has a Fraiser-esque view, minus space needle. surreal, ever since I got on the Northwest Airlines flight is has been all weird loud voices and - like, well, weird loud americannness talking about absolutely nothing all the goddamn time and being creepily and unnecessarily polite all the time, DISCLIMER: jetlag has eaten my brain, oh, whatever, well, It becomes clear to me why I don"t much care to live here all over again... although Seattle is a special bubble all its own. Ok, I am braindead, maybe I will have some amazing praises to sing in the morning, but now, just braindead....

12 hours later: went to get contact lens solution at the gleaming new QFC on Roy next tot he space needle and I was dumbfouinded, spent a half-hour (albeit blind) just to find juice, a newspaper, and the lens solution... so so sooo many products. -miss you, da(h)rling.


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