Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Enjoy Fast Food Resteraunt

Enjoy Fast Food Resteraunt, originally uploaded by TAR ART RAT.

I saw this in Wedding (a neighborhood in berlin) this morning when i went to drop off my paperwork for the arbeitsamt. I guess I just loved how the resteraunt was called "ENJOY FAST FOOD" like a subtle and persuasive demand- IF asian take-out can be considered "Fast Food" ...
Other than that I did an english-dub voice-over for a corporate promotional IT film after work, that was interesting. I had to play the role of a Microsoft suit and 12 year old Turkish boy who inspired to be a furniture varnisher- "that is my dream job" he said... which was wierd, I mean the kid probably (or at least could've) been from our neighborhood... anyhow, I was able to impersonate these folks in my best neutral american english, and I got a great quality copy to use in case I ever want to apply for such a job again. Very easy work, except focusing on every part adn pronunciation of every word over and over and over.

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