Sunday, June 17, 2007

Post Titled: Busta Rhymes' Migration to the Dark Side of Flipmode Revisited

Flipping through my sister's iPod yesterday I cam across one of his more recent videos which samples Daft Punk. I want to like Busta, I really do, and I know that it is ultimately just pure pop but he has definitely migrated to more of a (well, completely) stereotypical maistream worship-of-materialism cash-and-booty-and-cars stance, disappointing...

In the late 1990's I really thought Busta Rhymes was doing some pretty fun stuff, just a bit more over the top and creative, goofy almost (Woo-Hah feat. Ol'Dirty Bastard):

Then, *sigh* somewhere along the way,... alas.

OK, here is some seriously wierd shit: ADAM ANT


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