Thursday, June 14, 2007

Post Titled: Yet another good reason to go by TAR ART RAT

On NPR radio this morning they said that the USA-Canada US border control agents have started Googling people's names as they go through the crossing and can refuse you entry into the country if they find something they don't like, for example: a Canadian Psychologist was refused based on a few articles he wrote about his experiments with LSD in the early 1970's, they barred him entry permanently to the United States based on the fact that he was an admitted illegal drug user, even though his children both live in the United States he is no longer allowed to visit the country. They denied entry to 71,000 coming from Canada in 2006- but I cannot remember if that was just for the border crossing between Washington State and Vancouver or not.

In other unsurprising News:

"The new perspective reveals DNA to be not just a string of biological code but a dauntingly complex operating system that processes many more kinds of information than previously appreciated."
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